Getting to Know Nick Rivera

Nick at Bosco Tech

Success in Cross Country usually comes only after years of specific training, but sometimes talent gets it done.  Rowland junior Nick Rivera is in just his first season of XC, but he has already won at Bosco Tech and turned in a ESGV best performance at Sunny Hills.  No stranger to running fast, he was a CIF D2 finalist at 400m last year, with track PR’s of 22.6 in the 200 and 49.8 in the 400, and he’s the subject of our first athlete interview.

How and when did you start running? – “I started running track freshman year. I started cross country this year (11th grade).  My teammates and coaches persuaded me to join cross country.”

What are your favorite Cross Country Workouts? – “My favorite XC workouts are 400s and Pepperdale which is a super steep hill we run up.  I love these because I want to run a faster 400 in track.”

How much did you run over the summer? “Unfortunately, I was on vacation and only had about four weeks of training before the season.”

What do you think about during an XC race?“I think about my splits, catching up to the guy if he is in front of me, and when I am in the lead I think about finishing strong and getting a good time.”

And Five Fun Questions:

  • Best tacos?“King Taco or Taco del Rio.”
  • Favorite subject in school?“History”
  • Song that’s stuck in your head?“All The Way Turnt Up by Roscoe Dash”
  • Brand of running shoes?“Saucony”
  • Short or long shorts at practice?“Short”

Nick competes next in today’s Hacienda League Cluster Meet at Bonelli Park in San Dimas.

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