Canada First Nations Funding Agreement

The goal is to ensure that Aboriginal groups can participate in the negotiation process in a level playing field. In addition, the objective, with the participation of provincial and territorial governments, is to negotiate requirements and self-management agreements that provide Aboriginal groups with a solid foundation for self-reliance and improved social, cultural and economic conditions within their communities. When a recipient transfers power or distributes the contribution funding to an agency or third party (. For example, an authority, board of directors, committee or other entity empowered to act on behalf of the beneficiary), the beneficiary remains responsible to the enforcement department for its obligations under the funding agreement. Neither the objectives of programs and services nor the expectations for transparent, equitable and equitable services should be compromised by the transfer or redistribution of contribution funding. The objective is to establish and maintain current relationships to support compliance with Canada`s legal obligations under the treaties before and after 1975, taking into account the common rights and interests of Aboriginal peoples. This program helps Aboriginal communities articulate their interests, participate in economic activities and, where appropriate, manage and develop land and resources. It also helps to demonstrate the importance of treaties and related partnerships between the Crown and Aboriginal peoples. This will be achieved by meeting Canada`s obligations under final agreements and treaties and by improving cooperation between Canada and Aboriginal peoples, including between Canada and conventional groups before and after 1975. Creating and maintaining relationships that honour treaties before and after 1975 contribute to stronger, healthier, self-reliant and sustainable Aboriginal communities, while promoting the provision of programs and services essential to the health and progress of aboriginal peoples. Subsequent allocation of funds by ISC beneficiaries: when a beneficiary pays additional funds to a third party received under this program, the 10% for administrative costs must be distributed among the parties, as agreed between the parties.

The administrative costs withheld by all parties do not exceed 10% of the amount requested before administrative costs. The implementation of the final negotiated agreements marks the conclusion of the negotiations and the beginning of a new relationship based on the recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnership.