Valle Vista #1: Covina Doubles Up

Covina High is one of the oldest schools in the SGV, and yet last year was the first time the Colts had won both boys and girls league titles in the same season.  And now it looks like they want to make it a habit, as they won both varsity races in today’s Valle Vista League Cluster meet – run over the 3 mile Lake Course at Bonelli Park in San Dimas.  Note:  Several silly editing errors have been corrected below

The girls race was extremely competitive with five schools represented in the Top 10.   Miriam Jimenez (Sr – Baldwin Park) was a strong winner (19:31) and led her team to a second place finish.  She was followed by San Dimas soph Alyssa Martinez (20:10), whose team was fourth.  Third placed Northview was much improved, with good front runners, including Elizabeth Esparza (3rd/20:20) and Brittney Arrevalo (8th/20:52).   But it was Covina’s ability to put four in the Top 10, led by Rachel Falomir (5th/20:42) and Ashli Baddorf (6th/20:48) that led them to a rather easy win, leaving the Colts in good position for a Valle Vista 3-peat.

The front of the boys race looked almost like a dual meet between Covina and Northview, with their athletes taking eight of the first ten spots.  The race featured three front runners from Northview including overall winner Alan Callison (16:11), who was never challenged.  Jorge Hernandez (3rd/16:42) of third placed Nogales (whose second runner is just returning from injury) and Richard Gutierrez (10th/17:05) of Baldwin Park managed to butt in, but in the end, Covina outshone everyone with a fine looking pack as they went 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, with Kevin Mejia (2nd/16:38) and Kevin Medina (5th/16:45) leading the way.

Download:  Valle Vista #1 Team Results & Valle Vista #1 Indiv Results

(Thanks to Covina’s Erik Starkey and BP’s Cobe Guzman for their contributions to this article)

Top Ten’s and Top Teams after the jump.

Girls Varsity

Covina 41,  Baldwin Park 62,  Northview 66,  San Dimas 81,  Wilson 127,  Pomona 196,  Nogales – NS

  1. 19:31   Miriam Jimenez – Baldwin Park
  2. 20:10   Alyssa Martinez – San Dimas
  3. 20:20   Elizabeth Esparza – Northview
  4. 20:29   Ann Trejo – Nogales
  5. 20:42   Rachel Falomir – Covina
  6. 20:48   Ashli Baddorf – Covina
  7. 20:51   Ruby Medina – Covina
  8. 20:52   Brittney Arrevalo – Northview
  9. 20:55   Lidia Alvarez – Baldwin Park
  10. 21:07   Stephanie Fuentes – Covina

Boys Varsity

Covina 32,  Northview 63,  Nogales 80,  Baldwin Park 88,  Wilson 126,  San Dimas 156,  Pomona 170

  1. 16:11   Alan Callison – Northview
  2. 16:38   Kevin Mejia – Covina
  3. 16:42   Jorge Hernandez – Nogales
  4. 16:44   Jovan Curry – Northview
  5. 16:45   Kevin Medina – Covina
  6. 16:47   Cristobal Cruz – Northview
  7. 16:49   Enrique Hernandez – Covina
  8. 16:50   Paul Gonzalez – Covina
  9. 16:56   Richard Stephenson – Covina
  10. 17:05   Richard Gutierrez – Baldwin Park

Boys F/S – Baldwin Park 27;  Covina 53;  Wilson 119;  Nogales, Northview, Pomona, San Dimas – NS

Boys JV – Covina 18;  Baldwin Park 39;  Wilson 82;  Pomona 137;  Nogales, Northview & San Dimas – NS

Girls JV – Covina 18;  San Dimas 75;  Baldwin Park 79;  Pomona 237;  Nogales, Northview, Wilson – NS

5 thoughts on “Valle Vista #1: Covina Doubles Up”

  1. Strong effort by Northview and Covina, but watch out for Anand Panchal on the next league races! He only failed to give a strong race because of an injury he barely had recovered from, but his sub-10 minute 2mi shows that his endurance will catapult him to top 3 for sure. In addition, Justin will complete the 5-man team for Nogales once he stops failing math/bio… so be careful covina 😉

    PS This new league has been very kind and I hope that both Wilson (friendliest school ever) and Nogales can enjoy the stay…

  2. Well first of all on behalf of the Baldwin Park team I want to welcome the two new schools into our league! It was a good experience overall seeing how they approach the competition and I gotta give it to the strong finish by Jorge of Nogales. Covina once again is showing their strength by running in as a pack but however Baldwin Park is literally stepping on their heels this season. I’ve been running with the Baldwin Park family for a few years now and I gotta say that these guys and gals are giving their all to be up there and I know the other schools are doing the same. Sadly it is my last year running since I am a senior and eventhough it isn’t at the varsity level I still will not let my team down. I know that there are many seniors out there this year and I got to say that the freshmen that are now running with us should keep working hard to keep this going strong!

    Seniors it is our LAST season at the high school level so lets RACE!

  3. Great showing on the team efforts by Covina. Clearly they showed to have the best pack runners last thursday. Rachel was league champ last year and runner up in the mile last track season. Starkey has been developing a good program over the years. I was impressed with Miriam Jimenez, she really opened up a gap half way through the race. She was the runner up last year for the 2 mile and this season She looks stronger than she has ever been. Cobe produces some of the best individuals from what I have seen in track and now Cross Country. I was really amazed with Northviews girls varsity team. They are the most improved of all the girls in league from what I have noticed. Esparza took 3rd place in the girls varsity race and she did not even place top 5 in girls JV last year. There whole Girls Varsity team consists of only SOPHOMORES and FRESHMAN. Coach Garza a stand out high school runner is the new coach at Northview and clearly he looks to be one of the best coaches despite his age. Miriam Martinez of San Dimas was no surprise she was the Mile and 800 meter champ this track season as a FRESHMAN. This season she is only a SOPHMORE. A new face I noticed was Ann Trejo of Nogales she is in the front with the top girls. I believe her coach is Mark Batres who was a stand out runner in high school. All an All on the girls predictions I would say Covina will defend its girls title. Northview will take 2nd. Baldwin Park will take 3rd at league finals. Individually I believe Miriam will be able to hold her top spot. The battle for 2nd will be interesting at league finals.

    On the boys side Covina looked very strong with a strong pack with 5 runners in the top 9. From the looks of last year I could of seen this coming. The big Surprise was Kevin Mejia who is a SOPHMORE is there number 1 runner. I was amazed with Northviews varsity boys team because after loosing 4 of the top runners from last season they are back in contention. I would not of seen them as a top 3 team this season. Alan Callison has improved greatly more than minute from last season. I would of not of thought he would be the number 1 returner in league after last CC season. In track season he was 2nd in the mile and 3rd in the 2 mile. I have never seen any team sweep league finals in both the mile and 2 mile like northview did last season. Garza really impressed me with what he accomplished. Baldwin Park boys looked well, I believe there team is young. Estrada has been doing well despite loosing his top runners from last season. In track he had 2 of his boys in top 5 finishes. 4th in the mile and 4th in the 2 mile and 2nd in the 800. Hernandez of Nogales was a new face and was also in the front pack. I would say that covina will win league this year, Northview will finish 2nd, and Baldwin Park or Nogales will finish third at league finals. Individually I think Callison will hold his top spot and the battle for 2nd and 3rd will be interesting at league finals. Watch out for Garza, Starkey, and Cobe they seem to keep having great success with there athletes.
    Welcome Nogales and Wilson high.

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