Mayfield and Arroyo SGV Div II Final Rankings

Annual State Meet qualifier Mayfield and the best Arroyo team since their glory years top the initial girls and boys San Gabriel Valley Division II Rankings. This new ranking system adjusts school enrollment according to demographic factors (explained here), and divides the 78 schools of the SGV into three divisions.

You’ll see that several of the teams below didn’t enjoy a great deal of “success” in 2018, due to unadjusted enrollment divisions and league assignments. These rankings evaluate teams in true, “apples to apples” fashion.

These specific rankings are based on a merge of the top 15 teams in the division, using each team’s last race up through CIF finals. For teams that did not advance to prelims, times were adjusted to the equivalent at the Riverside XC course. The goal is to try to determine what would happen if these had met up in their final race.

(These rankings will be updated with further comments later today. Click here to see what we did for Div. III)

San Gabriel Valley Girls – Div II

  1. Mayfield (CIF Div. 4) – the Cubs didn’t quite have the season they’d hoped for – 2nd in the Prep League, 5th at CIF and 7th at State, but they were clearly the best in our Div. II and were ranked 3rd overall in the SGV.
  2. South Pasadena (CIF Div. 4) – made one of the biggest jumps in the region over the course of the season, powered by two frosh and big developments from their returners. Rio Hondo champs, they just missed advancing to the State meet with a 9th place finish at CIF Finals and ranked 5th overall in the SGV.
  3. Arroyo (CIF Div. 2) – the Knights had a bit of a rough day at CIF Finals, where they 22nd. This was third straight trip to Finals after successfully defending their Mission Valley Championship, and they ranked 6th overall in the SGV.
  4. Flintridge Sacred Heart (CIF Div. 4) – ran a excellent race at CIF Finals, finishing 12th, up from 15th the year before. The Tologs ranked 9th overall in the SGV.
  5. Santa Fe (CIF Div. 2) – the Chiefs were third but nearly first in the tough Del Rio League, and then missed their first ever spot in CIF Finals by just four points! They ranked 15th overall in the SGV
  6. La Cañada (CIF Div. 4) – were ranked higher during the year, but a key injury left them second in the Rio Hondo and only 15th in CIF Finals. They were 12th overall in the SGV.
  7. Covina (CIF Div. 4) – the Colts easily defended their Valle Vista championship, and advanced to CIF Finals for the fifth straight year, where they finished 18th.
  8. St. Lucy’s (CIF Div. 4) – are stuck in a league with schools three and four times their size. They finished their season with a fourth place finish in the Baseline League Finals.
  9. San Dimas (CIF Div. 4) – This was the Saints best year ever. They advanced to CIF Finals for the first time, where they were 23rd, after finishing second in the Valle Vista League
  10. Whittier (CIF Div. 3) – another school stuck in a strong league with bigger schools, the Cardinals ended their season with a fourth place finish in the Del Rio Final.

San Gabriel Valley Boys – Div II

  1. Arroyo (CIF Div. 2) – the Knights defended their Mission Valley championship and returned to CIF Finals for the second straight year. They finished 10th in the brutally challenging Div. 2, and ranked 4th overall in the San Gabriel Valley.
  2. South Pasadena (CIF Div. 4) – the Tigers moved from strength to strength in 2018, winning the Rio Hondo league, finishing 4th at CIF Finals and advancing to State for the first time since 1989, where they finished 10th. They ranked 8th in the SGV overall.
  3. Whittier (CIF Div. 3) – facing an uphill challenge after graduating most of their 2017 State Meet team, the Cardinals finished a strong third in the Del Rio Finals and advance to CIF Finals for the second time in many years. There were 16th at CIF, and ranked 13th overall in the SGV.
  4. South Hills (CIF Div. 3) – with one of their best teams in years, the Huskies were third in the Hacienda League and advanced to CIF Finals for the first time since 2009. They were an excellent 15th at Finals and ranked 10th overall in the SGV. They rank behind Whittier here do to the vagaries of XC scoring
  5. El Rancho (CIF Div. 1) – facing an uphill battle in a strong league, the Dons finished 4th in the Del Rio Finals
  6. Los Altos (CIF Div. 3) – build over the year, they were second over SGV Div. II #4 South Hills. They also advanced to CIF Finals, the first time since 2014, where they finished 22nd.
  7. Santa Fe (CIF Div. 2) – facing the same circumstances as El Rancho, the Chiefs finished the year with 5th-place finish in the Del Rio League.
  8. Wilson (CIF Div. 4) – improved a lot over the year, and finished with their best race for 4th in the Hacienda Final.
  9. La Cañada (CIF Div. 4) – second in the Rio Hondo League, the Spartans advanced to CIF Finals for the third consecutive year, where they were 22nd.
  10. Bosco Tech (CIF Div. 4) – finished an excellent 3rd in the Del Rey League to advance to CIF for the first time since 2014. They were ranked higher earlier in the year, but had a bit of a rough day at prelims to finish here.

SGV Girls Div II Merge of Final Results

SGV Boys Div II Merge of Final Results

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