Montview: Azusa Boys & Gladstone Girls Grab the Championships

The Montview League is unique in the SGV by holding three cluster meets, all on the hilly, 3-mile course at Schabarum Park in Rowland Heights. The league also gives more weight to the cluster meets than others, and that made the difference in the girls championship.


Nogales were the clear winners in the girls Final race over Gladstone. The Nobles put three in the first five to score just 20 points to the Gladiators’ 50. But Gladstone had the better cumulative results to edge Nogales for the league championship. Sierra Vista was third, taking the final CIF spot.

Gladstone’s Hannah Eubanks was the big, 32 second winner in 19:05. Teammates Crystal Cipriano - 6th/21:41 and Ryleigh La Raue – 7th/21:52 earned All-League honors. Nogales was led by a trio of All-League performances: Alexis Maldonado – 2nd/19:37, Jeanette Salcido – 3rd/20:52, and Jenny Morales – 5th/21:12. Jacqueline Rosie Campos of Azusa took the final All-League spot at 4th/21:07 and will advance to CIF as an individual.

Sierra Vista was led by Aris Carmona – 9th/22:16. Azusa was fourth and Duarte was fifth. Naiden Ceja, 4th last year in the Mission Valley League when she was at Arroyo, was best for the Falcons at 8th/22:04. Workman did not score – their best was Jennifer Reyes - 17th/25:47.

Nogales senior Osvaldo Cervantes was the repeat champion with a huge, 70 second, 15:49 win, and led the Nobles to a second place finish. Azusa put all five in the first 10 to take the team title with just 25 points, while  Sierra Vista was a clear third. The finish at the Finals meets mirrored the league standings, so these three teams will advance to CIF.

Osvaldo was joined in the All-League honors by teammate Ricardo Garcia – 7th/18:08. The Aztecs had four boys among the Montview’s best seven: Angel Medrano – 2nd/16:58, Saul Mora – 3rd/17:08, Eddie Prestegui – 4th/17:22 and Andrew Bazan – 6th/17:44. Alejandro Arenas of Sierra Vista took the final All-League spot at 5th/17:32.

Workman was fourth, led by Ivan Molina – 9th/18:13, and Jake Baena 11th/18:18 was best for fifth-placed Gladstone. Duarte’s best was Brandon Lou – 28th:21:21 but the team did not score.

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