Hacienda League: Walnut Doubles Up

The Hacienda League Final followed the form from the previous league meets Tuesday, when they competed again on the rolling 3-mile course at Bonelli Park.

2018 Hacienda League Finals Results

Chloe Arriaga – Hacienda League Champ

Walnut were the easy winners in the earlier league girls races, with West Covina & South Hills two and three, and they followed that order again. The Mustangs were missing one of their usual first four, but they still took the first four places to finish with just 17 points.

Chloe Arriaga won her 4th Hacienda Championship in 19:06, followed by Emma Arriaga – 2nd/19:10, Amanda Ghibaudo – 3rd /19:39 and in a nice step-up, Milo Santiago – 4th/20:27. Karla Galvan also stepped up to close out the scoring at 7th/21:01.

Girls First Team Varsity: Chloe Arriaga, Emma Arriaga, Amanda Ghibaudo, Milo Santiago, Arissa Hatcher, Kaylee Sanchez, Karla Galvan and Alyssa Ruiz

South Hills Arissa Hatcher – 5th/20:36 and Los Altos Kaylee Sanchez – 6th/20:56 took the remaining two All-League spots to break up the Mustangs. Arissa’s Huskies were 3rd, which was enough to hold off the Conqs. West Covina was second on the strength of their relatively close 1-5 grouping. Their best was Alyssa Ruiz – 8th/21:07.

Diamond Ranch edged out Charter Oak in the final two spots, and were led by Alyssa Blanco – 12th/22:18 and Guadalupe Perez – 22nd/24:17, respectively

On the Boys side, Walnut had won both previous races Mustangs also won the earlier boys races, while South Hills and Los Altos had traded the second spot.  Walnut were again the winners, while the Conquerors regained second place on a six-man tie-breaker with the Huskies.

Hacienda Champ Devin Hightower

South Hills senior Devin Hightower finished the league season undefeated in 16:15, followed to the line as he was in the earlier races by Walnut’s Jesse Alvarado – 2nd/16:29, and brother Dillon Hightower – 3rd/16:39 in a race where the leaders were quite a bit spread out.

Boys Varsity First Team: Dillon Hightower, Jesse Alvarado, Devin Hightower, Luke Francis, Chris Razo, Conner Parker, Fernando Padilla and Robert Arriaga

Los Altos was led by a 4 & 7 finish from Luke Francis (16:48) and Fernando Padilla (17:17), with the remaining All-League Spots going to Walnut’s Chris Razo 5th/17:09 and Diamond Ranch’s Conner Parker – 6th/17:17, who will advance to CIF as an individual.

West Covina finished fourth, led by Francisco Murillo – 11th/17:41, Diamond Ranch was fifth, and Julian Mireles – 26th/18:57 led Charter Oak.

Photos of the Varsity 2nd-Teams, and Top 10’s of the JV and Frosh/Soph races after the jump.

Varsity Boys 2nd Team All-League
Varsity Girls Second Team All-League
JV Boys Top 10
JV Girls Top 10
Frosh/Soph Boys Top 10

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