SGV Girls Rankings – Week 6: Claremont Even Further Ahead

Claremont again tops the list. They may be the best team in both the Southern Section and in California, and are certainly among the ten best in the country. So, yeah, they’re also the best in the SGV

Girls teams show more surprises and changes during the year than the boys typically do, due to the way frosh can have a bigger impact among the girls. The biggest movement is Mayfield, up to 6th, along with Arcadia and Glendora moving up two spots.

2018 San Gabriel Valley XC Rankings – 10/6

  1. Claremont (Previous – 1st)
  2. Walnut (2nd)
  3. Bishop Amat (4th)
  4. La Cañada (3rd)
  5. Arcadia (7th)
  6. Mayfield (12th)
  7. Bonita (5th)
  8. Glendora (10th)
  9. California (8th)
  10. La Serna (6th)

Detailed Team Analysis through the Top 15 after the jump

2018 San Gabriel Valley XC Rankings – Week 3

#1 – Claremont (Previous Rank: #1)

Honors: 1st – Cool Breeze Invitational, 1st – Stanford Invitational  Ranked: #1 CIF-SS Div. 2

League Ranking: 1st in the Palomares League

Notes: The Wolfpack were big winners at the tough Stanford Invitational and easy winners in the strong Palomares League. Easily the class of our region.

#2 – Walnut (#2)

Honors: 1st – Rosemead Invitational, 8th Woodbridge Sweeps, 1st – Sunny Hills Invite  Ranked: #7 CIF-SS Div. 1

League Ranking: 1st in the Hacienda League

Notes: This continues to look like the year for the Mustangs. They combined a 15 pt league win with a massive 5 minute team win at Sunny Hills. With several candidates emerging for their critical #5 spot, their CIF and State meet chances look better by the week.

#3 – Bishop Amat Lancers (#4)

Honors: 1st – The Great Cow Run – Small Schools, 1st – White Division – Woodbridge Invite, 1st Billy York Invite, 1st – Div. IV Stanford Invite, 2nd – Medium Div. Clovis Invite  Ranking: #5 – CIF-SS Div. 4

League Ranking: 1st – Del Rey League

Notes: The Lancers are rounding into shape after an early season coaching change, with retired coach Dan Lodolo returning at the beginning of September. Strong up front, their 4 & 5 girls are getting closer, leading to excellent finishes at Stanford and Clovis.

#4 – La Cañada  (#5)

Honors: 8th – Cool Breeze Invitational, 10th Woodbridge Invite Rated, 1st – Staub Barnes Invite  Ranked: 6th – CIF-SS Div. 4

League Ranking: 1st – Rio Hondo League

Notes: An easy league win and an equally easy win at the small Staub Barnes meet have kept the Spartans on track. Their front three have been solid, and their next three girls are improving a lot. Things look good!

#5 – Arcadia (#9)

Ranking: Unranked in CIF-SS Div. 1

League Ranking: 4th in the Pacific League

Notes: with only one returner from last year, the Apaches expected to develop over the year. They’ve been held back by injuries and illness, but have finally had all of their expected best 7 run. They haven’t all run in the same meet yet, but with missing only one girl, they turned in a solid effort at Clovis. This week’s league meet will show us a lot.

#6 – Mayfield (12th)

Honors: 4th – Div. IV Stanford Invite, 1st – Small Div. Clovis Invite  Ranking: 8th in CIF-SS Div. 5

League Ranking: 1st in the Prep League

Notes: The Cubs have only competed once with their top runner, soph Audrey Suarez, in the Prep League meet. The coaches have held her out of the big meets at Stanford and Clovis, where her rapidly improving teammates ran very well. Probably 4th in the SGV with Suarez and 8th without her, we’ve slotted them here for now.

#7 – Bonita (5th)

Honors: 1st – Cool Breeze Invite – Varsity Division Race, 3rd – Brea Invite  Ranking: 9th – CIF-SS Div. 3

League Ranking: #4 in the Palomares League

Notes: The Bearcats put in solid efforts at their league meet and at Brea. Fourth at the Palomares Meet, they were only a few points from 6th, so they could need continued CIF ranking to advance. Without a big frontrunner, they’ll need good 1-5 efforts to continue to run well.

#8 – Glendora  (#10)

Ranking: Unranked in CIF-SS Div. 1

League Ranking – 6th in the Palomares League

Notes: The Tartans ran well at Stanford, demonstrating that they can do well in big meets, and ran well at the Palomares meet, only finish 6th in this very difficult league. They’re unlikely to be ranked in Div. 1, so finding 3-4 spot improvements at League Finals will be the key to their post-season hopes.

#9 – California (7th)

Honors: 6th – The Great Cow Run  Ranking: Unranked CIF-SS Div. 1

League Ranking: 1st – Del Rio League

Notes: The Condors ran very well to win their first league meet, and then had an indifferent result Saturday at Central Park. They’ll need to return to form to hold back La Serna in league, and to return to CIF Finals.

#10 – La Serna (#6)

Honors: 8th – Fastback Invite  Ranking: Unranked CIF-SS Div. 1

League Ranking  – #2 in the Del Rio League

Notes: The Lancers have continued to progress. They had a bit of an off day in their first showdown with league rival California, but then put in a solid effort at Clovis. Almost certain to advance to CIF, they’ll need continued progress from all five front girls to reach California in league and to make CIF Finals – for the first time!

Next 5

#11 – South Pasadena (9th)

Notes: Running a combination of frosh and seniors in their team, the Tigers were second to La Canada in league but are certain to advance to CIF. They ran well at Clovis without their #2. CIF Finals look likely.

#12 – Arroyo (NR)

Omitted by error from the first rankings, the Knights were second to Bishop Amat at the small Billy York meet and dominant winner in their second league meet. They’re projected to be on the edge of qualifying for CIF finals.

#13 – Flintridge Prep (13th)

The Rebels were beaten by Mayfield in their first league meet, but turned in a solid effort at Clovis with a partial team. Ranked 2nd in Div. 5, they’ll need to continue to progress to keep their Championship streak alive.

#14 – Santa Fe  (11th)

Starting hot in the first two meets, the Chiefs had a bit of an off day at their league meet, their only competition since the first rankings.

#15 – Alhambra  (15th)

The Moors are still on track for another league championship and a possible spot in CIF Finals after an easy win in the first Almont League meet, and a nice 4th at the Bell-Jeff meet on a very difficult course.

 Previously Ranked…

  • Rosemead – 14th


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