Final Team Standings: Walnut & Arcadia are Best

We’re getting caught up, and so we’re back to our team rankings.  These rankings are based on results through the League Finals meets, with one point awarded for each place in the San Gabriel Valley Top 10.  (Note, the link reflects all marks achieved up to the moment, so as of this writing, it includes marks from CIF Prelims)

ArcadiaApachesOn the girls side, Arcadia just maintained the top spot in the rankings over Walnut.  Both teams were solid all year in most events – the Apaches ranked in 12 events and the Mustangs in 11 – and both had strong League Meets.   The narrowing of the gap at the top was not from the Apaches going backwards but from South Pasadena and California having particularly strong League Meets.  Arcadia was led by Veronica Yamane (ranked 800, 1600, & 3200), Kyra White (200, 400 & Relays) Sarah Troescher (100, 200 & Relays) and Kelly Dopke (HJ & TJ)

Walnut HorseThe Walnut boys had a particularly strong League Meet and surged to a relatively large gap over Damien, recovering the top spot that the Spartans had held mid-season.  West Covina and Los Altos also had excellent Finals meets, jumping into the Top 10 for the first time.  Walnut was led individually by Millen Trujillo (800, 1600, & 3200) Paulo Camacho (both hurdles) and Kyle King (HJ & LJ).

Tune back in this Fall when we’ll resume coverage of SGV Cross Country, and again in the Spring, where we will carry our team rankings through the whole season.


  • 14.5 - Arcadia (Last Week: 1st/17 pts)
  • 14.3 - Walnut (2nd/14.0)
  • 12.0 - Monrovia (3rd/11.5)
  • 12.5 - South Pasadena (5th/10.0)
  • 11.0 - Glendora (4th/10.5)
  • 8.0 –  La Salle (6th/8.0)
  • 8.0 –  Bishop Amat (=7th/7.0)
  • 6.5 –  Claremont (=10th/4)
  • 6.0 –  John Muir (=7th/7.0)
  • 6.0 –  California (NR)

Santa Fe, Flintridge Sacred Heart & Bonita fell out of the Top 10.


  • 16.5 - Walnut (Last Week: 1st/14.0 pts.)
  • 13.4 - Damien (2nd/13.0)
  • 12.5 - Arcadia (4th/11.1)
  • 9.2 - Monrovia (5th/9.3)
  • 8.2 - California (3rd/12.3)
  • 7.5 - Santa Fe (6th/8.8)
  • 7.4 - St. Francis (7th/7.0)
  • 6.0 – West Covina (NR)
  • 6.0 - Los Altos (NR)
  • 5.0 - Flintridge Prep (=10/5.0)
  • 5.0 - Muir (NR)

Covina, Glendora & Maranatha fell from the Top 10.

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