Apache Invite: Arcadia Girls Step Up, El Rancho Guys Confirm

40 teams, including 13 schools from the SGV got in one last race before league finals at the Apache Invitational, run over a flat, super fast 3-mile course at Arcadia Park.   The hosts Arcadia were second in both races, with the short-handed guys finishing second to Great Oak and the girls, finally running at full-strength, were third to Div. I #1 Great Oak’s A and B teams.

Alejandra Quintero

The Arcadia girls moved up well in the latter stages of the race to clinch the first spot behind national girls power Great Oak.  Soph Veronica Yamane was again the leader at 4th/17:22, joined up front by senior Alejandra Quintero in a gutsy 9th/17:46, and they were helped by a #3 team spot from frosh Laura Guidolin, returning after a month’s absence from competition.

No other SGV girls were top ten or teams top five in this strong meet, but one notable performance came from the Glendora girls who followed up their strong Mt.SAC day with another good performance, losing by just a little to tone and defeating another team ranked in Div. II.

Apache senior Sergio Gonzalez was the easy winner on the hot afternoon, dismissing the field with about 600m to go to finish in a strong 14:30.  Whittier senior Aaron Mora ran at the front the whole way to finish a strong 3rd/14:46.  Sergio was joined in the front by soph teammate Estevan De La Rosa 5th/14:51 and senior Charlie Shen 9th/14:58.  California junior Sam Bautista was 10th/15:00 and his team did well after their rough outing a Mt.SAC.

El Rancho, led by senior Henry Rodriquez 18th/15:13 and featuring 1-5 gaps of just 29 seconds, confirmed their CIF and SGV rankings with a 4th place finish.

Full results are here: http://finishedresults.com/content/apache-results

SGV Top Performers and team rankings after the jump.

SGV Top Ten Performers – 2011 Apache Invitational

  1. 17:22  Veronica Yamane – So, Arcadia
  2. 17:45  Alejandra Quintero – Sr, Arcadia
  3. 18:04  Marilu Pulido – Jr, Whittier
  4. 18:09  Bailee Henry – Jr, El Rancho
  5. 18:17  Justine Romo – Jr, California
  6. 18:20  Laura Guidolin – Fr, Arcadia
  7. 18:21  Emily Hoey – So, Glendora
  8. 18:23  Micaela Lamb – Fr, Glendora
  9. 18:28  Glindyl Mancia – Jr, Arcadia
  10. 18:32  Chloe Arriaga – So, Glendora
  1. 90:29  Arcadia – 3rd overall
  2. 92:49  Glendora – 6th
  3. 95:32  Whittier – 13th
  4. 95:58  California – 15th
  5. 98:08  El Rancho – 18th
  6. 102:24  La Mirada – 21st
  7. 107:29  Monrovia – 22nd
  8. 105:52  South Pasadena “B” – 23rd
  9. 108:05  Pioneer – 24th
  10. 112:32  Schurr – 28th


  1. 14:30  Sergio Gonzalez – Sr, Arcadia
  2. 14:46  Aaron Mora – Sr, Whittier
  3. 14:51  Estevan De La Rosa – So, Arcadia
  4. 14:58  Charlie Shen – Sr, Arcadia
  5. 15:00  Sam Bautista – Jr, California
  6. 15:13  Henry Rodriguez – Sr, El Rancho
  7. 15:15  Ryan Sanchez – Jr, Glendora
  8. 15:15  Josh Roldan – Jr, California
  9. 15:20  Juan De La Rosa – Sr, Arcadia
  10. 15:23  Francis Lee – Sr, Arcadia
  1. 74:59  Arcadia – 2nd overall
  2. 77:38  El Rancho – 4th
  3. 78:04  Glendora – 6th
  4. 77:58  California – 7th
  5. 79:10  Whittier – 13th
  6. 86:49  Monrovia – 26th
  7. 86:37  Pioneer – 29th
  8. 86:35  South Pasadena “B” -30th
  9. 89:05  San Gabriel – 31st

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