First All-SGV Lists of the Year

It’s difficult to reward excellence in California track & field. We are the biggest state but one of only a hand full that have only one division for the championship. The CIF Southern Section is bigger than all but three states, and just the San Gabriel Valley is bigger than fifteen states.

That means that otherwise excellent performances can get lost in our massive state and in the CIF-SS. That’s why we created the All-SGV Standards for each event in track & field. The standards are 98% of the 100th best mark achieved in California in the previous year.

The result is a list of very strong marks, with an average of 8 SGV athletes meeting the standard in each event each year.

Here are pdf’s with the athletes that have already met the standard for the 2017 season.

The strongest event in the SGV so far is the 3200m, where a whopping 11 boys and 10 girls have already met the standard.

All-Time SGV Lists – Updated for 2017

For the past several years, we’ve been scouring the internet and haranguing coaches for information to create All-Time Top 50 Performers Lists for San Gabriel Valley Track and Field.

You can view the lists here:

These lists are still rough drafts. We’re pretty confident that we’ve found everything that’s available on the internet, and many coaches have helped with their school records and All-Time lists, but we know that there are many marks that have been lost over time. Please contact us in the comments if you have info on marks that would make the list.

But this is what we have. There are six boys with ten All-Time marks that are currently competing, and twenty-six girls with thirty-nine marks taking part in the 2017 season. With more to come!

A few notes on the list: in events where wind readings were recorded, we’ve only used wind legal marks. We’ve also used the current year’s California Top 100 marks as a standard for inclusion on the list – so there are several girls events where the All-Time list does not reach to 50. We have also tried to include every SGV team’s school records on the list, but this part is admittedly spotty.