Consulting Agreement Conflict Of Interest Clause

A conflict of interest can occur to anyone within an organization, from the CEO or board member to the employee time – or a freelancer or consultant. A conflict of interest clause is intended to prevent such problems. For an explanation of this agreement, please see the overview of the Files in the Consulting Agreements File. The clause should also require that all communications with the government be authorized by the client`s advisor or advisor. The reservation should contain a language that states that, if the advisor believes that he or she must contact a government authority without delay before obtaining such consent, it provides the client or advisor with an appropriate opportunity to make such a notification and, in any event, requires the advisor to immediately inform the client of such communications. 1.1 Services. The company entrusted Consultant with the provision of services related to the [merger of the project or activity of the company]. Councillor is an advisor [summary of services to be provided to consultants], and the other services described in Schedule A (together, “advice services”). b) communication on potential conflicts. In the event of a real or potential conflict of interest under this agreement, the contractor immediately informs the company in writing of this conflict.

(a) the consultant`s work product refers to all physical products, data, reports, recorded information on all means, documents, written documents and all other products or parts of these products, including projects established, established or provided by consultants in relation to service performance (“work product”). All work products are the exclusive property of the customer. The advisor assigns the client all rights, titles and interests on all work products, including all copyrights on that product. A conflict of interest may result from a paid or unpaid situation and may also arise from the position of a family member; z.B. if your wife works for a competing company. You can create a conflict of interest clause yourself that you can use in an employment or professional contract.