Usmca Agreement Pros And Cons

Talk about a huge blow to the customer experience, and exactly how they need to get what they bought from you! Despite these benefits, the United States, Mexico and Canada renegotiated NAFTA on September 30, 2018. The new agreement is called the “Agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada” and has been ratified by the legislature of each country. Mexico was the first to ratify the agreement in 2019. The US Congress adopted the agreement in mid-January, Donald Trump officially signed it on January 29, 2020. Canada ratified it on March 13, 2020. Many have called the USMCA the new NAFTA or NAFTA 2.0 – and for good reason. The USMCA modernizes much of the work undertaken by NAFTA. However, there are also important differences between the old and the new agreement. .