Unidad 1 Leccion 2 Gramatica A Noun Adjective Agreement

12 =____________________Adj____ In Spanish, follow the adjectives of what they describe Old car  Carro Viejo Hombre + Alto =_____#8_____  Names that refer to men are men, those that refer to women are women.  Most names. Remember – the SUBST is the leader – adjectives always correspond to the noun in the gender and number. Feminines Singularsubstantiv Feminines Singularadjectif. another possibility of tabs.. my.hrw.com.. student resources.. Program resource (2nd column) ….@hometutor.. Level A/B/C. Unidad 1…leccion 2. Vocabulary.. SUBSTANTIVE TABS ADJECTIVE AGREEMENT. ADJECTIVE DESCRIPTION IN ENGLISH, adjectives are almost always in front of the noun: the big boy in Spanish is almost adjective.

ARTICLE. But first.. Point it out. Adjectives in Spanish correspond to the noun, both in sex and number. In general, adjectives in Spanish follow this pattern. Please note that there are adjectives (inteligente, trabajador, etc.) that do not follow this pattern:. . STANDARD: 1.1 Students have conversations, give and receive information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions. Application of grammar and vocabulary in the real scenario in cultural content… NM.

PS.5 I can present simple information about something I`ve learned with memorized words, phrases, and phrases. 6 article Singular Plural Masculine El Los Féminin La LasYou can find the specific article you need Singular Plural Masculine El Los Feminine Las Step 1: Is it masculine or feminine? Is the word “el” or “the” Assuming step 2: how many are there? Singular or plural? Example: _______ hit #8 prior knowledge activation. . OBJECTIVES (learning indicators): I know how to greet and say goodbye, introduce myself to others, spell names, exchange phone #, say the day of the week, talk about the weather and respond to teaching instructions. 3 X=5 cm Definitiv Article Undetermined A response The answerHit #8 Enable preconsciousness An answer THE Answer (the only true one). 4 articles Are they final or indeterminate? The dog Definitely The biscuitA truck not determined The man in the yellow hat. Hit #8 Aktivierendes Vorwissen 1 Unidad 1, Lección 2 GramáticaSpanish I Unidad 1, Lección 2 Gramática. . NM. PW.1 I can fill out a simple form with some basic personal information. .

Spanish 2 Woman Parreira Autumn 2014 Male and female articles Specific articles Specific articles=forms of “dem” -el, la, los, los, the indeterminate article=forms of a/year. 5 article Singular (the) plural (the) Masculine El Los Féminin LasQue are the final articles in Spanish? Singular (the) Plural (the) Man El Los Feminine Las What are the indeterminate articles in Spanish? Hit #8 Active Preconscience Singular (a/year) Plural (some) Masculine Unos Feminine Una Unas Closure: What did you already know? What did you learn? What you want to know more about?. . . .