The Wedding Agreement Elizabeth Hayley

I was surprised when I took this book in hand. I didn`t know it was the third and final book in a series, and I didn`t know that Elizabeth Hayley was actually two authors. Finally, I was delighted to see that the Wedding Agreement is not another idyll that brings the friend to the wedding. Let`s pretend to espouse romanticism! Alex and Cass are happy with their individual lives and with their friends with accomplishments. The premise that Cass speaks without thinking is fun and carefree. What could go wrong if you introduce yourself as her ex`s fiancé? There are many moments of humor and feeling that arise from this persistent farce. I enjoyed all the characters in the marriage agreement. Obviously, most, if not all, were introduced in the previous two books, but it`s easy to get an idea of the characters and their provisional family. Alex is the reasonable guy whose job as an FBI agent usually trumps the rest of his life. But in this book, he strives to be present for his daughter Nina.

Your sweet and loving relationship is charming. I love a father who plays dolls with his daughter! Cass is an independent and confident woman. She comes from a big, loving family, but she decided she would rather stay single and focus on her career (the reasons could be explained in previous books). Just like Alex, she is on demand 24/7 at work; She sees marriage and family as something that would limit her personal growth or limit her ability to pursue her goals. While Cass and Alex go through the wedding planning moves so that Alex`s ex-wife doesn`t discover they`re pretending, of course, they form a deeper bond. The time they spend together makes each of them appreciate each other. If Alex is the first to admit (to himself) that his feelings for Cass have changed, it is Cass who most questions his feelings and prejudices about marriage and family. The authors did a good job of showing Cass` study of their goals, wants, and needs regarding their career and a relationship. I loved Alex and Cass together. The joke between the two is fabulous and clearly shows the foundations of their friendship. The chemistry between the two is undeniable. The wedding agreement is a fun read with minimal drama and fear.

Of course, there is a conflict and the story culminates with its dissolution, but it is not overplayed and does not go beyond the story. Overall, the joke, liveliness and humor of the authors appear in this carefree reading that makes you smile from ear to ear. Alex Walker doesn`t need a woman in his life. In fact, he doesn`t have time for you. Between his career at the FBI and the requirement to be a good father, romance is an unwanted distraction. Elizabeth Hayley is probably my favorite author duo, and they`re complaining to me in recent years, with her phenomenal books, about some pretty fantastic reading experiences. Their writing is so fluid, so lively and so funny, and they never fail to deliver a story with the perfect level of warmth, connection and feelings that drives me to love everything. They also make me laugh over and over again with their dynamic and distinctive humor, and at the end of their books, my cheeks usually hurt a little bit because they made me laugh. The Wedding Agreement is the third and final book in their Strictly Business Series, and I have to tell you that I absolutely loved every word of that word. It was funny, full of meaning, and it captured a story that didn`t stop with two characters I immediately loved.

With their characteristic writing style, which established an undeniable connection with these characters and this story, I was immediately drawn into everything and I really couldn`t get enough of it. This book filled my heart with all the feelings, made me blush in the best possible way, and it made me laugh and smile and make me feel all the way, and honestly I couldn`t have asked for more. .. .