Tap Agreement Definition

2. if you are offered a detour to your final destination on an alternative flight as defined in point 1.1(b) or (c) above and its arrival time does not exceed the scheduled arrival time of the originally booked flight: (i) two hours (up to 1,500 kilometres for flights); (ii) three hours (for intra-Community flights of more than 1 500 kilometres and between 1 500 and 3 500 kilometres for others); (iii) four hours (for flights not covered by points (i) or (ii), TAP Air Portugal may reduce by 50% the compensation provided for in points 1.4(a), (b) and (c). 3. The aid provided for in this Communication shall apply without prejudice to the rights you have under the legislation in force (e.g. Β Directive 90/314/EEC on package travel) to additional compensation, although such aid may be deducted from this allowance. 4. Persons with reduced mobility and all persons accompanying them, as well as unaccompanied children, are entitled to assistance under points 1.2 and 1.3(a) and (b), and TAP Air Portugal will pay particular attention to their needs. 5. Vouchers or MCO issued by TAP Air Portugal for a refund or payment may only be used for TAP Air Portugal flights or services and only if they are provided directly by TAP.

6. For the purposes of these Rules, the following definitions apply: Your TAP renewal cycle begins on your renewal date and remains open for a period of 45 days. Note that you cannot extend before the renewal date. During the 45-day extension period, you will not lose any benefits and your membership level and solution area remains intact. Renewal notifications are sent to the primary contact 30-60 and 90 days before the extension, allowing you to prepare the payment and verify the new TAP agreement. On your renewal date, the renewal link will be available and you can begin the renewal process. The renewal process consists of three stages: in February 2013, Greece, Italy and Albania signed a government agreement. [30] In 1991, the airline reportedly carried three million passengers for the first time this year. [12] In 1993, TAP flew to Tel Aviv. In 1994, TAP signed a codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines for North Atlantic service; This agreement ended in 2005. In 1996, service in Boston was opened via Terceira Island, the inauguration of the service in Macau and the launch of the TAP site.

[12] In 1997, service began in Punta Cana and Bangkok; Flights to Bangkok and Macau, however, were suspended the following year. [Citation required] With your permission, TAP may also use the data it has access to to set the customer`s profile, to send you ads, campaigns and promotions tailored to your interests and preferences, as well as personalized notifications and notifications resulting from the analysis of your profile and purchase history. . . .