Shared Conduct Of Gaming Business Agreement

After the prior authorisation phase, the applicant must provide a series of detailed memoranda detailing the commercial and technical characteristics of the operation of the remote games. As in the whole world, the gaming and e-sports sector is booming in Thailand. According to the survey of the Thailand e-Sport Federation, 41% of the Thai population plays games of some kind, for example.B. mobile phone, PC or console. In 2019, the value of Thailand`s gambling industry reached THB 22 billion (about $710 million), a 13% increase from the previous year and ranks second among ASEAN countries in terms of growth1. The advent of many international esports tournaments, the recognition of esports as a sports category by the Sports Authority of Thailand, the publication of Thai subtitles of major gaming titles, such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us Part II, and the opening of the gaming industry and esports program at many Thai universities can be seen as an industry response to the growing player base in the country. The licensed remote gaming operator remains solely responsible for compliance through the regulation of remote gaming (e.g. B advertising rules) and must never assign its legal obligations to the intermediary. Licensees who have entered into licensing agreements with the operator of the software are well advised to establish contingency plans to allow the use of alternative regimes if, for any reason, the use of such licensed software is interrupted by the owner of the intellectual property rights.

A possible withdrawal of the same licence would have a significant impact on the licensee`s business continuity. It is therefore possible to reduce this risk by entering into multiple agreements with other licensees, ensuring that there is no over-reliance on a single provider. However, the aforementioned capping fees are capped at 466,000 euros per gaming license per year. The partners in a joint conduct agreement shall not derogate from the agreement by a direct or indirect agreement not to repeal the provisions of the approved common conduct agreement or to mitigate its effect. v) impartiality of the result, regardless of the technical means used by one of the two players. The outcome of a gaming event should be impartial and no player should enjoy the advantage on the basis of purely technical means, such as Internet connection speed, computer processor speed and any other external component that can be used by the player to play such a game; The conclusion of a joint conduct activity requires prior notification and approval by the Authority, as the management of the licensed activity must always be the responsibility and prerogative of the authorised entity, any contractual agreement relating to services related to the licensed activity may still have significant repercussions. Therefore, the licensee must provide a copy of the participation agreement for the review and evaluation of the proposed authority and partners of the joint conduct agreement, and must in turn undergo an in-depth personal questionnaire to assess the suitability and accuracy of the partner. Filing of a personal declaration form for each proposed director of the remote gaming company as well as for any person with 5% or more stakes (participation and/or voting rights) in the remote gaming company. Rovio manages its business ethically, transparently and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Compliance with laws is the minimum level that Rovio should exploit, but ethical business behavior even goes beyond current legislation.

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