What Is An Ob Agreement

Your insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurer. NILE OB/GYN participates in most major insurance organizations. As a service for you, we will file your claims with your insurance company. My office is asking for a down payment for what it thinks the bill will be. So they charge 5k, my 3k insurance deductible October 1 and the baby is due in November. They want me to pay $3.50 by the end of November. StonehamBank – A co-operative bank (“we,” “our,” “we,” “StonehamBank” or “Bank”) publishes below the following conditions for the user`s use of obOs. “User,” “you” and “your” refers to each signatory on the account or accounts (s) intended for use with OB services. OB services include the payment account and limited banking transactions offered by Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS) on behalf of StonehamBank.

The bank reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time with effect from the date of publication and reserves the right to monitor and verify transfers online and in warehouses and to withdraw or deny the user, without notice, documents that the bank considers, at its sole discretion, illegal or offensive. The user`s use of OB services is the consent to these terms and conditions and their modification. The user authorizes us to use FIS to provide you with the services on our behalf. But my question is: what happens if the hospital first files my bill with the insurance? I`m going to make them pay the deductible, just an $800 debt to the OB and wait for a refund check to pay the deductible amount at the hospital. I called the insurance company and they assured me that this method of settlement is even simpler as long as I do not change the OBs halfway. If this service is used to transfer funds from an account to another institution, please refer to that financial institution`s deposit account agreement, as it may impose restrictions on transfers. I probably won`t have the same plan next year (upgrade to cover the small one), I`m not currently in an open registration phase, so I have no idea what policy is ever offered! From what I have heard, this contract will become a thing in many OB offices. It`s also part of my fear. If the hospital receives their bill first and you owe them the money for your deductible.

It could take you OB 45 days after delivery to find out and make you a refund in due course. From my experience working for doctors, they are eager to get money in and less eager to return money. I`ve even seen that some people keep the money and patients are unbalanced by visits to the office (as a person, it didn`t kill me because you never know what a person`s financial life is and they`re expected to come to your office 10 times to “treat” that the credit is just rude). I am in mid-February, this office does not know why my husband and I are being treated in other offices. If I was two weeks late, I could have filled my deductible and they only got half of it in cash. Mobile banking services are made available to you by the bank and powered by a third party (the “licensee”) mobile technology solution. Section A of these Terms and Conditions is the legal agreement between you and the bank regarding the use of mobile banking services. Section B of these Terms and Conditions is a legal agreement between you and the licensee. Mine keeps saying I have to sign the agreement when I go check, but they`re still so busy that I never got it and I wouldn`t.

I think it`s weird that they do it too.