Qatar Visa Agreement Paper Check

The e-contract system allows you to register your business and view important data such as name, email, authorized people – PRO. You can also create new contracts for your employees as soon as you enter the basic contract data, such as: visa/id.B, employee country, staff address, start date, contract duration and trial period, base salary and allowances. The Home Office has issued instructions on how to view the status of your visa online. Isn`t that good news for us? It is easy enough for us to check and check the status of our visa, it eliminates the anger and process just to have a look at your visa. The main objective of Qatar`s commercial visa is for employees who will travel to Qatar and work in the short term for a Qatari company. Only state-recognized sponsors can sponsor business visas. The business visa is valid for two weeks and can be extended to four weeks. For a four-week stay, an exit visa is required to leave the country. During this period, the worker may engage in limited business activities, but no direct work. The service posted the connection for the same last time on its Twitter account. Workers can obtain their consent in in Arabic and English. You can switch from Arabic to English via registration via the website page.

For a small number of people, there was no data available because the agreements were not available. This may be due to the fact that the new contract has not been updated by the organization or has not yet been forwarded to the Service. Individuals, businesses and authorities can verify the status of a complainant`s complaint and the reason for the complaint, and find out the final result online. Enter the applicant`s individual number or visa number. Enter the phone number (the mobile phone number must be in the candidate`s name). A confirmation number is sent to the multifunctional number of the scholarship holder. Enter the code you received on your mobile device and it will allow you to view or download the agreement. While testing the framework, The Peninsula discovered that the duplicate of the activity contract was verified and entered into the De Framework database. Now there is an additional requirement if you are not registered with the POEA, you have a tourist, business or family visa, you have a business visa, but you have converted to a domestic worker visa, you are transferred to another employer, but still in Qatar. Take the following steps to authenticate a work service certificate: For domestic service personnel (HSW), you must: The representative who is looking for a duplicate of his activity contact must have access to the connection. Requirements: the applicant company must have prior authorization from the relevant services. The application form must be submitted through a representative or business owner.

A copy of the employee`s passport should be provided. The company and visa applicant`s ID card is also required. Once the work visa has been obtained, a copy must be sent to the employee and the original must be dropped off at the staff member`s arrival airport before the employee arrives in Qatar. Work visas are generally valid for one to five years. It is the employer`s responsibility to obtain a work visa for each employee hired before entering Qatar. It is possible to enter Qatar of the worker as part of a visit visa, who can then apply for a work visa while the work must not begin until the work visa has been obtained. It is the employer who becomes the sponsor of each employee. The company must apply for authorization from the Ministry of Labour for the amount of work permits issued to foreign workers the following year, before each hire.