National Grid Residential Gas Service Agreement 2020 Massachusetts

Gas Service Line Alteration and Verification Request: Fill out the form if you need to separate a property line or request a service review during construction or demolition. We`re not sure that`s fair. If you confirm where you use our services the most, we can tailor our website to your needs. Note: If you`ve communicated to us more than once that your browser might block cookies. Click here to learn more about cookies. If you have any questions about gas conversion, call us at 1-877-696-4743. Massachusetts ApplicationRhode Island ApplicationLong Island ApplicationUpstate NY Application NY Application Commercial Gas – NYC Gas BTU Load Letter – NYC Commitment Form (New Construction) Massachusetts formhode Island formLong Island formNew York City formUpstate NY form To learn more about natural gas conversion, call us at 1-877-696-4743 or fill this short form. After choosing your plumbing and heating professional, there is only one additional step to start your natural gas conversion. Choose below your region to download an online service contract that you and your contractor can complete. This app gives us the information we need to start working on your conversion. Online service contract: Fill them out with your contractor to give us the information we need to start working on your conversion.

Meter updates: Fill out this form to request a meter upgrade. . Gas Service Relocation Agreement: Fill your property if you need to renovate your property and install an existing meter as part of your project. ..